The group of companies “AVANTIS” was found in 2002 to organize an optimal way in deliveringproduction from a manufacturer to an End-user, by passing a chain of middlemen. Our suppliers are leading manufacturers in the laboratory business all over the world:

DRG Instruments (Germany),R-Biopharm (Germany), Biomerica Inc. (USA), Demeditec Diagnostics (Germany), Biohit Oyj (Finland), AnshLabs (USA), Bioactiva (Germany), AIDA (Germany), BIOREF (Germany),  Bioserv Diagnostics (Germany), Alkor Bio (Russia), Lytech (Russia),  Biologix Plastics Co. (USA, China), Syntesys (Italy),  TARSONS PRODUCTS (India), HTLancet (Poland), Sartorius Mechatronics (Germany), Veda.Lab (France), DAC-SpectroMed (Moldova) and others.


The group of companies “AVANTIS” takes a leading place in Ukraine in selling reagents for IFA, PCR, control serum, diagnostic of allergy, biochemical researches, rapid tests, pipettes and tips for them, laboratory plastic dishes, blood collection and transportation systems, automatic lancets, thermo containers for the transportation and the processing of biological materials.


The group of companies “AVANTIS” takes the second place in a world in implementation of production of DRG International Inc. (USA, Germany) on the results of 2013 year and takes the third place in a world in implementation of production of DRG International Inc. (USA, Germany) on the results of 2011 and 2012 years.


We also sell the laboratory equipment for IFA, PCR, biological researches, valuation of haemostasis, urinalysis and other medicalequipment on request.

The group of companies “AVANTIS”  are a distributor of laboratory equipment manufacturers such as DRG Instruments (Germany), DIESSE DIAGNOSTICA SENESE (Italy), URIT Medical Electronic (China).


Only highly qualified specialists work in our office. They can always give a consulting assistance to our clients. We actively introduce new world technologies of diagnostic for our native consumers. And it permits for each of our clients to purchase a unique distinction of competitors.


“AVANTIS” is proud of its reputation and realizes a qualified decision of the assigned tasks. If we offer the production which we realize we want our clients to be sure in a professional selection of manufacturers, which in turn promote the level of end-service of our customers.


We created a department of an advertisement which considers all remarks and offers related with our professional activity. We use reference laboratories for it.


Our clients are diagnostic laboratories, biotechnical companies, science-research institutes, universities, enterprises of food, pharmaceutical and oil-refining industry…



About 1 000 consumers know us as reliable partner. Join us and we always be glad to see you!!!